Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reverie '09 - Thunderdome!

These are shots from various stages of the Instructors' Thunderdome competition on the last day of the Reverie workshop in Dallas. The instructors are given a topic at the start of an hour and then let loose to complete an image from scratch, to be judged by the entire workshop.

The topic given was to show hope even in the oppressive situation in the Congo where the population struggles with abuses associated with mining ores used in our everyday technology like cell phones and laptops. The finished images will be utilized by HOPE.

Get involved. The Devil's Candy Store is working on ways to help right now.

Kevin Llewelyn's image is on the right.

Andrew Jones (the eventual Thunderdome winner)

Whit Brachna

Bobby Chiu and Jason Chan faceoff

Bobby Chiu

Jason Chan

Dave Dorman starts his third hour ever drawing digitally

Dave continues while figuring out the program as he goes

Dave near completion of his piece and his 3rd hour of digital painting. (ever)

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jamie said...

hahaha,so this is why dave's been absent from his main blog,
he's been turned to the digital medium,
looks like the poor guy is struggling with the new formats,but yikes-look at the work he's producing,