Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Untamed with Peter Bergting art!

"THE UNTAMED promises to be an epic tale, conceived and crafted not only with a great love of comics, but also a profound understanding of the power of visionary storytelling." -- Clive Barker

Our talented pals, Sebastion A. Jones and Peter Bergting, have created a cool new comic book, The Untamed. Definitely worth checking out!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Come by Booth 4401-4500 in the Illustrators Section to see Dave Dorman, Chris Moeller, John Van Fleet, Scott Hampton, Durwin Talon and The Devil's Candy Store (Charlie and Denise). There will be lots of great art for sale and big plans are afoot for the next year. Can't wait to see you there.

Other Devils in the Illustrators Section:
Donato Giancola: Booth #4503
Craig Elliott: Booth #4812

Other Devils are in Artists Alley:
Kevin J Anderson: AA-18
Tom Baxa: CC-14
Jason Felix: CC-13

Plus some folks we just like:
Tom Carroll: HH-19
Bill Reinhold: FF-08
Hilary Barta: FF-06

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travis Louie's Monster? Group Art Show

Travis Louie's Monster? Group Art Show is opening this Saturday, July 11 at CoproGallery in Santa Monica, CA. the cool thing is all of the works in the show can be seen online.

Some of the artists featured are: Dan May; Jessica Joslin; Audrey Kawasaki; Brom; Bob Eggleton; Amy Botello; Molly Crabapple; David Chung; and many more.

"Creature" by Vincent DiFate

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mike Kennedy Interview: Unbound Saga

Mike, can you tell us what this graphic novel and videogame are about?

UNBOUND SAGA, the video game, is an old-school, arcade-style, side-scrolling brawler like Streets of Rage or Final Fight from back in the good old 16-bit days. In it, you play as RICK AJAX, a typical comic book tough guy wandering the streets of Toxopolis, a typical comic book dystopia. The thing is, Rick knows he’s a comic book character, and is fully aware of the fact that his daily life is dictated by the whims of “The Maker”, the mysterious, omniscient giant hand that constantly draws him into ridiculous adventure after ridiculous adventure. And after 30 years of this nonsense, he has had enough. So you take him on an twisted Wizard of Oz journey through 10 episodes of bizarre adventures and oddball enemies in an effort to meet The Maker and square off once and for all.

I'm told it's a lot of "insider" humor for those who really know the comic book industry?

Yeah, it’s totally tongue-in-cheek, satirizing comics and video games equally. The fictional history is that “Unbound Saga”, the comic Rick inhabits, has been around since the 70’s, and has seen its fair share of reinventions over the years, from black and white indie status, to talking animal zoo-crew versions, to foil-covered Jim Lee variants and Manga versions... Now after 30 years, they are making yet another come back with a brand new reinvention from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics and Vogster Entertainment, and hey --! Now they got a video game to boot!

Are these the first pieces in a continuing series? Are there plans for the next book and game?

We sure hope so! With 30 years of bogus history to these characters and this brand, there are a ton of misadventures to tell. While this initial launch will provide a fun gaming experience on the Sony PSP, and a fun first-issue comic to read, we’re hopeful that it will click with the market so we can keep playing with these action figures in the sandbox. There’s no end to the hijinx these characters can rustle up, be it in comic form, game form, cartoon form, shrinky-dink form, whatever...

How does it feel to have a property that is completely your fingerprint?

Well, in all fairness, it has taken a ton of talented people to get this thing where it’s at. There’s a whole team of brilliant programmers and artists behind the package, not to mention amazing voice actors and musicians, etc. Beyond the cutting edge code and dazzling graphics, I just made sure the game design fit a fun story and script. As producer, I was able to coach the team and, in many cases, select who’s on the team and what kind of contractors would best fit the brand. And we got some great talent attached to the title: Cliff Richards’s providing comic art, David Lodge bringing Rick’s voice to life, Jason Novak’s music setting the mood and tone... all of those things came together in complete harmony. As writer, I also made sure the script and storyline were as fun and colorful as possible. (And being both writer AND producer made it easier to drive all those pieces towards the same vision and goal...)

How did you come up with the concept for "Unbound Saga"? Was it a single incident, or series of incidents that made you think of it? Do you recall where you were when you came up with the idea?

The concept grew out of the tech demo the team had put together, with a bit of our love of comics thrown in to make it complete. The core game engine was in place, with some fun arcade-style brawling in place, but the characters and storyline came out of some outside-the-box brainstorming mixed with a heaping load of 4-color nostalgia. We came up with a half-dozen different concepts we could shoehorn into this solid brawling engine, and this self-aware comic-tough-guy concept just floated to the top of the list.

Will we see your game and graphic novel at San Diego Comic-Con this year?

Absolutely! The comic hits the shelves July 1st, released by the good guys at Dark Horse Comics, so we’ll be showcasing it at their booth in San Diego with banners, graphics, and most likely a couple of signings. The comic features some pretty heavy hitters in the biz, including Joseph Michael Linser and Leinil Yu, so we’re hoping to have them available for signings as well. The game is released July 16th on the PlayStation Network, so it will be brand-spakin’-new for the big show the week after. We’ll also have a number of exciting giveaways and presentations going on, although at the moment I’m not 100% sure what. (Note: Become a fan of the Unbound Saga Facebook page for news and updates!)

What kinds of collectibles can the fans look forward to?

In addition to the comic, we’re producing a GORGEOUS collectable statuette of the two main characters, RICK AJAX and LORI MACHETE. Coldcast polystone, handpainted, they’re NICE. The limited run is initially being considered for sales incentives, contest giveaways, and collectability. We should have them on display at San Diego as well (or check the Facebook page for more info).

Aside from "Unbound Saga," do you have any other books coming out?

Unbound Saga has taken a pretty good chunk of mindshare this past year, but I’m turning attention to a couple of other projects that went dormant in the meantime. I’m hoping to do more Aliens vs Predator (negotiations in the works), as well as one or two personal projects that have been underway for a while. If all goes well, one or two of these should be on the shelves by 2010.

When you're not creating, what do you do for fun?

You mean when I’m not ‘working’? ☺ Probably playing video games. But frankly, for me, creating IS fun. If I can spend a Saturday working on a personal comic project, I’m a happy camper.

Which other videogame properties have you worked on?

The list goes back quite a ways... back before Playstation, before 3D GI, back before CD-ROM even! Some of the most recognizable titles (for game geeks and aficionados) would include MIGHT AND MAGIC, FLASHBACK, LEMMINGS, LODE RUNNER, ARMY MEN, DEAD TO RIGHTS, and most recently DEF JAM: ICON.

What's the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while producing a videogame?

Ya know, directing voice talent has always been the most fun part of the job, and I’ve been privileged to work with some amazing names. But one memory I will take to my grave is eating pasta salad in Steven Spielberg’s kitchen at his home in the Hamptons after pitching him a video game idea. (He loved the pitch and greenlit the project, but the title was never released, sadly enough...) Yeah, those fleeting few hours make the other 99.9% of the hard work somehow worthwhile...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unbound Saga Trailer

Our pal, Mike Kennedy, over at Vogster Entertainment has written a fun PSP game called Unbound Saga. Check out the trailer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Michael Kaluta's Starstruck Returns

Michael Kaluta and Elaine Lee's classic tale, Starstruck, returns in August from publisher, IDW. Plus, Charles Vess will be inking Kaluta's pencil art for episodes of Galactic Girl Guides.

Comicbox has the story.

Cyril Van Der Haegen in Playboy

Cyril Van Der Haegen has a fine new illustration in the June '09 issue of Playboy that just came out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peter Bergting Interview on TV4

Peter Bergting and Jens Lapidus are interviewed on TV4 for their book, Gangkrig 145. It's not in English, but cool to watch none the less.

Peter Bergting and Jens Lapidus

© 2009 Bergting

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ArtOrder: George Pratt, Renato Faccini, WIP Podcast, and a question

While attending's Reverie workshop in Dallas with Dave Dorman, I participated in a WIP podcast by Peter Mohrbacher and Jeff Himmelman (also, with WIP is Anna Mohrbacher.) You can listen to the WIP interview and read more about WIP at John Schindehette's Art Order blog. As an added bonus, there is a link to Devil's Candy Store artist, George Pratt, and work process.

ArtOrder: George Pratt, Renato Faccini, WIP Podcast, and a question

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reverie '09 - Thunderdome!

These are shots from various stages of the Instructors' Thunderdome competition on the last day of the Reverie workshop in Dallas. The instructors are given a topic at the start of an hour and then let loose to complete an image from scratch, to be judged by the entire workshop.

The topic given was to show hope even in the oppressive situation in the Congo where the population struggles with abuses associated with mining ores used in our everyday technology like cell phones and laptops. The finished images will be utilized by HOPE.

Get involved. The Devil's Candy Store is working on ways to help right now.

Kevin Llewelyn's image is on the right.

Andrew Jones (the eventual Thunderdome winner)

Whit Brachna

Bobby Chiu and Jason Chan faceoff

Bobby Chiu

Jason Chan

Dave Dorman starts his third hour ever drawing digitally

Dave continues while figuring out the program as he goes

Dave near completion of his piece and his 3rd hour of digital painting. (ever)

Jason Felix Joins The Devils

We would like to welcome Jason Felix to The Devil's Candy Store family of artists!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reverie '09 - Monday, March 30 Walk-Thru

Reverie '09 - Monday, March 30

Christ, it's late again. 3AM.

Greg Manchess

Bobby Chiu shows Dave Dorman the digital ropes

Bobby Chiu teaches class

Dave Dorman paints acrylics over oil (You can't do that)

Dave Dorman paints digitally for the first time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Reverie '09 - Sunday, March 29

Waiting for Reverie to officially start

Jason Manley of Massive Black gets the ball rolling

Andrew Jones paints from life

Shawn Barber, Carl Dobsky, and Dave Dorman paint with oil

Dave Dorman lays down the background in oil. Tomorrow he will finish with acrylics. And, yes, that defies the laws of physics.

Carl Dobsky

Kim Saigh (tattoo artist from L.A. Ink) and Shawn Barber

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverie 09 Kick-off Party Video

Just a quick peek at the dj dance floor, model setups and the crowd.

Reverie Workshop - Part 2

More scenes from the kick-off party at FIG.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reverie Workshop - Dallas '09

A few quick scenes from the kick-off party for's Reverie Workshop in Dallas, Texas. I'll be posting more this week, along with videos.

Friday, March 27, 2009's Reverie in Dallas

Well, Dave Dorman and I made it thru a very bumpy flight to Dallas. We're in Texas for's Reverie workshop, which is another like the Revelations Symposium in Seattle last January. Dave is an instructor at this one and I'm just here being an artist. I loved the last one and I see no reason that Dallas won't be better.

The whole thing kicks off tomorrow in typical fashion with a huge party that starts at 9PM in conjunction with the AFI Festival going on here. Dave and I will probably hit the Dallas Art Museum tomorrow, since it is one block from our hotel. I'll be taking pics and vids and will do my best to keep everyone posted.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Craig Elliott and Jon Foster Win Spectrum Gold

The Spectrum 16 winners were announced tonight. Spectrum is a prestigious annual dedicated to the "Fantastic Arts" and is one of the most coveted awards in illustration.

© 2008 Craig Elliott

Craig Elliott won the Gold Medal in Editorial for his Damali Richards painting in the concept art book, Exotic Contraband: L. A. Banks' Vampire Huntress Legend, published by The Devil's Candy Store.

Another Devil's Candy Store artist, Jon Foster, won the Gold Medal for Comic Books.

Congratulations to them both!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

L. A. Banks' 12 Tribes Convergence Summit

On February 13-15, in Philadelphia, PA, L. A. Banks and hers fans held a three day celebration of the Vampire Huntress Legend novel series. Leslie's 12th book in the series, The Thirteenth, was released and it was a party all weekend. The Devil's Candy Store played a part by sponsoring the Madame Isis sword essay contest. On Saturday night, we gave away a custom-made, Tony Swatton sword to Portia Adams.

It was an honor to part of this author's grand weekend and here are some photos to prove we were there:

L. A. Banks being interviewed

Eric Battle with Madame Isis sword

Photo by Don Lafferty