Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Madame Isis and Baby Isis Update

Well, August has come and gone and we haven't held our Madame Isis auction yet, nor offered our Baby Isis Daggers for pre-order. We apologize for the delay. This is sometimes the fate of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items. I just received an update from Tony Swatton on the current status of these pieces.

Tony tells me that he just got the Baby Isis dagger hilt back from the foundry last week. He has had that engraved to match the pommel on the large Madame Isis hero sword. Tony is cutting and mounting the stones to it and sending it out to get plated this week.

The end result will be an exquisite Damali Richards' sword that is jewel-encrusted and gold-plated. It will have a unique four blood gutter blade of stainless steel forged on an anvil and etched with inscriptions and symbols to meet the descriptions of L. A. Banks.

I will have detailed photos of the completed sword and it's case once it is shipped to Chicago from Los Angeles. Until then, we have video of Leslie Banks seeing the sword for the first time at the San Diego Comic-Con. The person she keeps referring to is Tony Swatton. After Leslie raves about the sword there are close-ups of it on the video.

Here are some shots of the sword being made:

Madame Isis hilt in wax before casting

Madame Isis hilt cast roughly in bronze

Madame Isis hilt cast in bronze engraved (before stones and gold-plating)

Madame Isis stainless steel blade being forged by Tony

The sword's introduction at the San Diego Comic-Con:

Leslie and Tony and Madame Isis before gold-plating and finishing

Tony discussing Madame Isis with John Howe, production designer for The Lord Of The Rings

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